We strive to be a people who love God and one another.

We love God. We love what He has done for us. We love what He has promised for us. He has allowed each of us to have a second chance. His grace and love has made a difference in each of our lives. We sing about God. We pray to God. We read His word. Our Bible classes and sermons are based upon His word. We are interested in what God says. We want His way to be our way. The philosophies of man and the opinions of others do not interest us. We want to be God's people doing things God's way.

If you are looking for a church that remembers it's all about God and not about us, then this is the place for you. Our worship is patterned after what you read in the New Testament. We sing praises to God. We remember the Lord's death by taking the Lord's Supper every Sunday. We pray to God. We preach Bible based lessons with the intention of persuading all of us to be Christ like. We collect money the New Testament way, by offerings given by our members. When you visit us, we will not require, nor ask you to give any money.

We also love each other. We are family in Jesus Christ. We are not perfect, and this is not a perfect church, but our God is. We care about one another. We get to know one another. We are more than members of a church, we are friends, we are a spiritual family. We stay connected with each other. We are there to help and support one another.