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Jesus had a special connection with children. He always had time for kids. When He fed the five thousand, He found a little boy and used his lunch to feed the multitude. Jesus traveled to Jairus’ house and called his little girl back from the dead. Jesus didn’t get irritated with children. He was more irritated when people tried to keep the children away.

With all the unrest in the Middle East, particularly with the events surrounding Israel there is a lot of talk about living in the last days. It is said that wars, famines, droughts, and other natural calamities are signs that the end is near. So all of this hype begs the question, are we living in the last days? Yes! We are in fact living in the last days.

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2015 Calendar of Events:

Sunday April 19 PM - Young Christian Men Leading Worship

Sunday May 17 - Guest Speaker - Kevin Clark

Friday & Saturday June 19-20 - Young Peoples Challenge with Kipp Campbell & Zack Lee

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